About Grand Acres

Grand Acres is a trading name for Goshen Acquisitions, operating in the real estate sector in Kenya, specialising in land transactions.

Our investment and trading journey began in 2012 with the intention of creating prosperity for all, in our homeland. From generation to generation, African culture has long considered land ownership to be an important status symbol. We believe that real estate investment creates a genuine opportunity to achieve legacy and stability in our futures.

Goshen Acquisitions employs a unique practice of strategic location selection, below-market-price land acquisition, and high quality, basic infrastructure development, to realise the greatest possible value gains for our customers.

In addition to creating maximum returns for our stakeholders, we are here to change industry perceptions for the better. By only selling what we wholly own through clear and open processes, we are proving to our buyers and investors that secure and accountable passage of real property, equity and wealth is a guarantee they can count on.

This ethos has enabled us to successfully develop much sought after opportunities of investment that continue to yield greater gains now, and long into the future.