Imbuko Plots

Prime plots towards Amboseli National Park

The Site

The available plots are located just 12km off the Emali-Oloitokitok Highway, which is only 5.5km from the Imbuko Village Trading Centre. This area is rich in both Red and Dark loamy volcanic soils, which are ideal for irrigation crop framing. The naturally arid savannah landscape as it presently exists, is great for livestock farming and ranching, which are the primary economic activities engaged in by the local population on a small-scale basis. It is for this reason that former Imbuko Group Ranch and its surrounding areas are zoned ‘Agricultural’ as is the case with most of Kajiado District, whose Land Use Policy now endeavours to control subdivision in our immediate locale, in order to discourage the hapharzard and unsustainable fragmentation of the countryside, as well as preserve the ecological conditions suitable to the nearby Amboseli National Park and Chyulu Hills National Park and their feeder corridors.


  • Clean, Unencumbered and Legally Sound Title-deed transfers to be executed
  • Freehold property (absolute title, no land rates payable)
  • Soil type: dark volcanic top-soil
  • Indigenous trees and shrubbery
  • Breath-taking views of Mount Kilimanjaro

The sale/acquisition of parcels of land is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The minimum size available for purchase is 1-acre.
  2. The land is being sold on an as-is where-is basis.
  3. Transferable Title Deed for each 1-acre parcel guaranteed.
  4. Minimum acceptable deposit is 50%, with balances payable within 60 days of contract signing.
  5. The price provided of KES 599,000 per acre is NOT inclusive of legal/lawyer fees and the statutory 2% Title Transfer Stamp Duty.
  6. Under Kenyan law, only Kenyans are allowed to own freehold land. This land will therefore be sold, transferred to and registered in the favour of Kenyan citizens only.
  7. Other terms and conditions are spelled out in the Land Sale Agreement/Purchase Contract prepared by our Attorneys, whose contacts will be provided should you choose to pursue a purchase.


KES 599000 per Acre
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